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Monday, April 23, 2007

Moved to Wang's World!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

4/19/07 Review: Nasdaq, SOX, SPX, DOW, NSTK

The markets didn't do much today; perhaps nervous about GOOG's earnings? DOW made another new high. SP 500, or SPX, was pretty much flat. SOX added to yesterday's gain.

NasdaqNasdaq managed to close above the 2500 support level to close at 2505.35. It needs to catch...

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Everyone Likes Google!!

On 4/14/07, I posted an article titled "Everyone Will Be Talking About Google!," in which I discussed a possible "bullish earnings reaction" pattern based on the earnings seasons in the past 3 years. Now, that Google has delivered "excellent" earnings, let's see how much everyone "likes" Google (GOOG)!

In AH, GOOG traded as high as 495+, but, settled at 486.8, up 15.15. I think this is not the proper response! With a report card like today's (3.68/share), which beats the "highest" estimate (3.52) by .16 (the average was 3.31; a beat of .37!), GOOG should be above 500 already! If GOOG doesn't go above 500 after this kind of earnings, I'd ask "When will it?" and "How will it?"

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4/18/07 Review: Nasdaq, DOW, SPX, SOX, OIH, GLD, GOOG, EBAY, JPM

Hello! It’s “Wang’s World”, HappyTrading’s new home!! What an auspicous day it is to have my first post here on a day that the DOW makes a new, all-time, high!! Woohoo! Wang’s World, Wang’s World, money time, happy time!! =) Ok, had to do a little impersonation; I promise I will “tryyyyy” to “behaaaave”!

Thanks to Phil Davis for inviting me to blog with him on PSW! And, hello to Sage, Zman; and many thanks to Jared!

Ok, where do we start? Oh, yes, the DOW!
New all-time high, just climbing the upper BB! (Why do I keep on hearing Mike Myer’s voice saying what I’m typing?!) It is above 12800 boys and girls! SPX, the SP 500 index, shares the same qualities as DOW’s charts, “just climbing the upper BB”.

Nasdaq had a little more difficult time today, even though the SOX took off! IBM and YHOO may have something to do with it...

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I'm moving to Wang's World!!

Since there are so many mergers happening on the stock market these days, it's not too surprising that blog sites can merge, too, right? I'm moving over to Phil's Stock World, with my own blog page, Wang's World!

Please come by and you can find out a little more about me. I'll still be posting as "HappyTrading"! And, I'll still have lots of fun charts everyday!

So, come by and check me out!
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TSO Sliding...

Yesterday, I mentioned that it might be time to start betting against TSO, and starting getting 1/2 the short position that you might have had in mind to get into. Now, it might be time to add the other half.
TSO is now under its 10-day MA.
The intraday chart shows that it is sliding on the hourly bottom MA, and the MACD is still not flattening!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

4/17/07 Review: Nasdaq, NYX, SP 500, DOW, INTC, IBM

Wow, that was another "exciting" day, huh?! Ok, it's healthy to rest a bit after days of continuous excitement. The markets were pretty much flat today. A little consolidation was perhaps what the markets needed to continue this rally. SP 500 stayed above its Feb. high. The DOW made a small gain of 52.58, while Nasdaq gave up just 1.38.

Nasdaq daily chart:
Nasdaq closed right above its daily upper BB. MAs are still going up nicely, and so is the MACD.

Nasdaq intraday chart:
Perhaps the intraday chart shows a more meaningful picture. The "little rest" today allowed Nasdaq to let off some steam in the MFI, while not losing any altitude. Now, it has more room to continue to up-trend. Perhaps we'll see it continue to climb its upper BB!

One interesting stock today was NYX. It gained 2.95 to close at 96.15, above the range that it had been trapped in for a week. It had a nice buying volume and looks like it might try testing 100, again, soon!

Both INTC and IBM reported solid earnings AH. So, let's see if the markets will continue to push upwards.